Name: Christine (Chris) Smolenak
Company Name: Hammer & Stain Holland
Address: 202 Holland Road Unit #202
City, State, Zip: Holland, PA, 18966

Hammer & Stain is a DIY workshop that specialized in preparing unfinished wood projects into wall worthy pieces of home decor. Its an instructor guided class that is open to individuals, groups, parties, and corporate events. Customers are welcome to bring beverages and snacks to enjoy while making their project.

Name: Dorian Kuechler
Company Name: Pretty in Pain DK LLC
Telephone: 267-981-3264
Address: P.O. Box 124
City, State, Zip: Richboro, Pa¬†18953

We are an at-home painting pary company designed to bring out the inner artist in you! Let our artist guide you through the creation of your very own masterpiece in the comfort of your own home. We offer social gatherings, birthday parties, corporate events, showers and more!

Name: Stephanie Burstein
Company Name: Painting with a Twist
Telephone: 215-494-9277
Address: 998 2nd St Pike
City, State, Zip: Richboro, Pa 18954

We teach step-by-step painting. BYOB, parties, events, fundraisers