Name: Amy Houser
Company Name: Step Up!
Telephone: 267-688-5191
Address: 881 Bustleton Pike
City, State, Zip: Richboro PA  18954

We sell all lines of products for your workout, dance & cheer activities, including jewelry, stockings, shoes, costumes and more.

Company Name: F45 Training - Ivyland
Telephone: 215-355-1111
Address: Addisville Commons - 926 2nd St Pike
City, State, Zip: Richboro, PA  18954

We are a new fitness experience born in Australia. F45 Training merges 3 separate leading edge training styles into one for the ultimate group training experience. Using over 400 unique exercises, F45 combines High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with circuit and funcional training – proven to be the most effective workout to burn fat and build lean muscle.

Name: Kate Mikhailov
Company Name: RJS Fit Inc
Telephone: 215-808-1114
Address: Crossroads Plaza 800 Bustleton Pike Suite 3
City, State, Zip: Richboro, PA  18954

At RJS we know that in order to feel and look your best, your body needs to be physically challenged from all angles – through heart-pumping cardio, carefully designed strength training to create definition and toned physique, core conditioning, and stretching sessions to prevent injury and improve performance. With our vast variety of offerings, we address the entire spectrum of your fitness needs, giving you three studio experiences under one luxurious roof. And into all of them we add a little (or a lot!) of our “fun” factor, enabling you to breeze though each sweat session of your choice and come out with a big smile, wanting to come back for more mood boosting, heart-pumping fun.